Okja – Movie Review (8.1/10) – 2017

There are certain movies that are really well made and then there are movies that are really well-balanced. The brilliance in filmmaking is when you tell a story in short glimpses and still complete it enough to satisfy the mind. Okja is one such shining example of creativity and zen. Where, difference in language is... Continue Reading →


Parsi – Chicken Cutlet Recipe

The Parsis immigrated to India and now Pakistan from Iran being one of the two Zoroastrian communities. The major population of the Parsi community in India is concentrated in Maharasthra and Gujrat, though they have settled in small factions across the country. Much like their zeal for business and celebration of life, the Parsis are... Continue Reading →

Virtual Companion? Is Gatebox the future?

In Japan technology revolution never stopped and automation at all levels seems to be the way ahead. As we all know, the Japanese are obsessed with perfection and electronics which has taken such a small country to lead the world into the frontiers of digital electronics for almost a century. Whether it is the automated... Continue Reading →

Get off the grid!

They are asking you to power your wildest dreams? Though we should use the word "wildest dreams" with a little more caution, LifePower from Antwerp (Belgium) has something going with their professional grade, AC output, 20,000 mAH battery pack to power a traditional plug based device and a usb device. This little contraption charges in only 3... Continue Reading →

Install latest Windows updates, ASAP!

One of the most talked about and disruptive malware attacks have been witnessed recently on a global scale in the form of a "Ransomware" attack. Now, what is a "Ransomware"? A "Ransomware" is a malicious piece of software that attacks computers but locking functionality and asking for a payment in order to unlock usage. This... Continue Reading →

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