Get off the grid!

They are asking you to power your wildest dreams? Though we should use the word "wildest dreams" with a little more caution,¬†LifePower¬†from Antwerp (Belgium) has something going with their professional grade, AC output, 20,000 mAH battery pack to power a traditional plug based device and a usb device. This little contraption charges in only 3... Continue Reading →


Install latest Windows updates, ASAP!

One of the most talked about and disruptive malware attacks have been witnessed recently on a global scale in the form of a "Ransomware" attack. Now, what is a "Ransomware"? A "Ransomware" is a malicious piece of software that attacks computers but locking functionality and asking for a payment in order to unlock usage. This... Continue Reading →

Using Brainwave interface for Sperm control

What is freedom? Is it the desire not to be reigned or a desire for unsuppressed expression of one's control for his/her's immediate surroundings? Well, I think in this day and age, it is the latter where we are more expressive of individuality and lack the taste for suppression from society in any form. Stereotyping,... Continue Reading →

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