Get off the grid!

They are asking you to power your wildest dreams? Though we should use the word “wildest dreams” with a little more caution, LifePower from Antwerp (Belgium) has something going with their professional grade, AC output, 20,000 mAH battery pack to power a traditional plug based device and a usb device. This little contraption charges in only 3 hrs and has a 85%-90% conversion accuracy which ensures your devices are safe in terms of the power that is getting delivered. With out mobile lives, we are off the grid frequently and such devices definitely keeps us moving. The prices start at $199 (excluding shipping) and go up to $250 (excluding shipping) for their 27,000 mAH battery pack.


But, things are now inching to a much better device and with the new age USB-C technology to leverage the optimized power delivery standards used by this new standard/protocol of the Universal Serial Bus technology. They are calling this device, LifePower – A3 and now is almost ending their Indiegogo for this mega game changing (2) USB-C up to 100W, (2) 18W USB QuickCharge 3.0 + 120W AC outlet power bank. This should be really a great addition for your daily needs to stay off the grid, once it hits the markets.


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