Let’s shop for a smart and innovative kitchen?

That’s exactly what www.josephjoseph.com will like to convey to you, as a user, changing the very way you thing about your kitchen and other home utility products. It offers all this through a plethora of innovative and smart products which you cannot stop using once you get used to the benefits they provide. This is done via an simple and fast online e-commerce platform complimenting precisely the simplicity of the business and it’s products. The only thing that can be a little disappointing is the fact that the products only ship in the European Union and United States, though the website mentions of working out distribution channels soon for worldwide delivery.

Here is a list of top 10 products on the platform that we find revolutionary in it’s approach, enhancing our performance at our kitchens.

1.  The SmartBar™ – Refillable stainless steel soap bar

We try so many things to after cooking with garlic, ginger, onions and similar vegetables to get their smell of our hands. This at times includes washing our hands with soap multiple times, applying scented creams after washing our hands, applying perfume/aftershave, rubbing the hands with some salt & lemon, using coffee beans to rub our hands etc. to name a few of the methods. But, one of the most effective methods of getting rid of the strong smell of such vegetables is to rub your hands on steel and wash them with soap during the process. These types of foods contain sulphur which they deposit on our hands when we process them and stainless steel is great at attracting these molecules which erradicates the smell. So, imagine you get the benefit of washing your hands with liquid soap and steel in a traditional process of using a soap bar between your hands. Take a look!

Shop here: SmartBar™

2.  The Scroll™ – Silicone Garlic Peeler

Nowadays, we have many innovative ways of peeling garlic cloves in swift manner. The most promising and popular method is to use a small glass jar with a lid, have the cloves or an entire garlic bulb placed in it and shake violently to get the cloves and peel out of way. However, another more effective and popular method is of using a flexible tube to start crushing and peeling the garlic skin from the cloves. This is the idea the media the design and ergonomics of the Scroll™, which uses a flexible silicone surface (like a pad) which curls and creates a tube like structure, to collect the cloves and peel the skin in a matter of seconds.

Product Safety: Food Grade and BPA Free

Shop Here: Scroll™

3.  The Spiro – 3-in-1 hand-held spiralizer

Cooking food is slowly becoming a very intricate affair even in the kitchens in our homes. The source is definitely the human endeavour to excel in something that they see as new, exciting and at the same time delicious. Zucchini or Courgettes are a type of summer vegetable much like the cucumber which can be made into fine strands to take place as an alternative to spaghetti or pasta. But if you are short of the skills to pull this healthy and carbohydrate free alternative for your meal, no worries as the Spiro  has you covered. But wait it has more to offer, it can be used to spiralize your veggies for that fine texture in your salads and can also grate cheese/vegetables. In short, this wonder device can help you out in creating those visually appealing cuts and delicious textures in your food with minimal effort. The best part remains in the fact that the design is specifically made for handheld operation and completely contained which creates no mess while you use it to spiralize or grate with complete ease.


Product Safety: Food Grade, Dishwasher Safe and BPA Free

Shop Here: Spiro

4.  The Dot – Water bottle with hydration counting lid

It would be ridiculous to say that each product at JosephJoseph.com is a smart way of implementing a solution to a new way of using products in our daily lives. All the solutions on this online e-commerce maketplace is a unique way of presenting a solution. Dot is just that, a water bottle which comes in two capacities of 400ml and 600ml which provides a count of the number of times you refill the bottle in contrast colour. This is amazing as you know exactly how much water you have consumed by the time the indicator limit of 4 dots is reached which is 1.6 Litres or 2.4 Litres of water for the 400 ml and 600 ml bottles, respectively. I think this is a must buy as consuming the recommended amount of water is important for our bodies to function and we generally end up dehydrating it by losing count.



Product Safety: Food Grade, Dishwasher Safe and BPA Free (Lid – Handwash Only and Not Microwave Safe)

Shop Here: Dot

5. SinkBase™ – The Sink Tidy Set

Washing dishes is something that we need to do multiple times a day and keeping the sink clean and organized is something that we all do at some level with indigenous solutions. This due to the lack of organizers in this space. But fear not, as SinkBase™ does just that by organizing your handwash soaps or lotions and your cleaning scrubs / brushes in a neatly designed product.


Shop Here: SinkBase™

6. Sink Aid™ – In-Sink Tidy

Another useful product which clears up area around sink. Products like these make things functional at just the right level, which helps you keep your things organized to extract more efficiency and space even with daily chores like cleaning dishes. This useful design is great for smaller kitchens as it takes up less space around the sink, as well as keeping your sink area tidy and avoids leaving water residue on the surfaces.



Shop Here: Sink Aid™

7. C-pump™ – Single-handed soap dispenser

One of the key issues with dispensing hand washing soap from soap dispensers in the kitchen is that we have to touch the dispensing top with the palm surfaces that are not clean and are in contact with bacteria and other unsanitary conditions. Thus, even though our hands are cleaned at the end of each procedure of dispensing from the liquid dispenser, the dispenser itself is left in unsanitary state. C-pump™ resolves this issue with it’s unique design which uses touch surfaces, like the back of our palms, that are clean to dispense the soap. Wow!


Shop Here: C-pump™

8. Easy-Tear™ – Kitchen roll holder with tearing blade

Over the years, there have been many implementations of the kitchen towel roll dispenser and they have been really innovative, most of the time. The good part about it is that we found the most common functionality that got poorly implemented is stability of the dispensing system and the successfully providing a neat tear for the roll. However, this Easy-Tear™ is one of the best designed, thus far. It is stable and provides a neat cut for the rolls, establishing a functional quantity of the kitchen roll for use. A definite must buy!


Shop Here: Easy-Tear™

9. Elevate™ – Steel Carousel

In our home kitchens, we always need space saving essential kitchen utensil set, which will tend to our daily cooking tasks. Voila! There is this neatly oragnized carousel to house the essential cooking utensils like a spaghetti server, slotted spoon, ladle, solid spoon and slotted turner. It comes in the special Elevate™ system that does not let the utensil top to touch your counter while you set it aside during a cooking process.



Product Safety: Food Grade and BPA Free

Shop Here: Elevate™

10. Connect™ – Adjustable dish rack

One of the key products that are found in our kitchens at home is a dish rack that houses the washed dishes, glasses and cutlery. There is a wide variety of options available from steel mesh based designs to plastic ones. But there is hardly a solution like this one, practical and does the job right. For starters the spout that drains the water directly into the sink and adjustable pieces to arrange it in a way that holds your dishes and cutlery the way you want it to do.



Shop Here: Connect™

Information Courtesy: JosephJoseph.com
Videos used for demonstration purposes are under the Youtube Creative Commons Licence
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