Urban Rideables? Let’s look at Kiwano, the self balancing scooter


Transportation in urban environments have seen a dramatic shift throughout the last two centuries. I mean  just imagine when concrete pavements and asphalt roads were not conceived and only muddy tracks would prevail in the most modern metropolises, animal and human drawn carriages were the primary mode of transportation. Walking large distances would very common and using the cycle a well sought after luxury.


Then came the era of steam engines which powered large drivetrains and thus a new form of bulky and tedious transportation came into existence. Primarily, the rail roads got a lot of traction from this technology and trade flourished considering the huge bump in mass transportation of human beings and goods, bringing us forward into a time where exploration to far away lands would be faster and enjoyable. Even ships benefited from the advent of steam driven technology thus even overseas trade and travel fourished, sowing the seeds of a global world to the masses.


This did not end there as the next progression came in the form of liquid fossil fuels like petroleum/diesel and the marvelous internal combustion engines. It was truly revolutionary as not only the engines were much more portable, predictable and efficient than the steam driven counterparts but also ran on a fuel that could be easily re-filled. Now we all know the big mistake we made in not fully understanding the implications of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment (which is outright drastic!), but it sure did propel us in the most rapid rate that this planet has ever seen.

Our understanding and motivation to do better and do the next thing always meant using means to optimize techology and make it sustainable. The urban centres of excellence are not over populated and packed with time consuming traffic. This has pushed us into realms that may seem like a step back but actually a more optimal step towards the future. Concrete and asphalt based roads and pavements have provided a very stable surface for vehicles to travel. We need to take our 4×4 vehicles well outside city limits to actually test them on contorting terrains. Thus scooters and powered cycles running on clean energy like electricty is making a recolutionary disruption in this domain which means not only this technology is viable choice but a smart one. One such disruptive piece is the Kiwano – K01 Self Balancing Scooter.



The Kiwano – K01 Self Balancing Scooter is not only nimble in dimensions but a very stable one interms of it’s ride dynamics and load bearing technology. It’s light weight built on a carbon fibre backbone provide extreme tensile strength whilst keeping the weight of the structure to a bare minimum. The sturdy mono-shock which the company calls as the shock suspension not only makes the scooter strong enough to handle loads but also provide a new kind of agile riding experience hopping and rushing through urban terrain. There is a lot of intelligence built into the device which is connected to your phone through a specific application. In short Kiwano’s self balancing scooter is a lightweight, waterproof, fireproof and agile urban transport built on advanced carbon fibre and Zinc Alloy Technology that will sure help you go about your day in a smooth and fun way. To see how and what it can do, check out the video below.

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