Virtual Companion? Is Gatebox the future?

In Japan technology revolution never stopped and automation at all levels seems to be the way ahead. As we all know, the Japanese are obsessed with perfection and electronics which has taken such a small country to lead the world into the frontiers of digital electronics for almost a century. Whether it is the automated cashier kiosks in even the smallest of restaurants or the most advanced interactive robotics technologies, a whole gamut of world changing technology has come out of Japan and surely be coming out in the future.


Siri or Google Assistant might be involving complex machine learning and neural nets to offer personal assitant functionality to iOS and Android users but they are far from perfection when it comes to sensing the user and normal interactivity. This is primarily due to the limited array of sensors available in smartphones and their limited power supply. has taken this interaction and need for a virtual companion in this fast paced world where interactions are becoming more virtual in nature.


Azuma Hikari, their first virtual assitant/companion in a line of many more to come, is a very friendly and comforting to interact. Using state of the art ultra short focus projection system in a contained glass environment, Gatebox has managed to create a holographic character in a contained field that uses a vast array of sensors and smart home integration through network connectivity to interact with the user and make him not feel alone. Gatebox is calling it the hyper-real image projection which creates a bright and sharp display for the animated Azuma.


In this heavily busy and fast paced life that we are quickly adapting to, a virtual companion brings about a human level interaction which learns, understands and does tasks for you. The system is compact and is integratable to a connected smart home, which means Azuma not only talks and chats with you but also is able to turn on the coffee machine or roll up the curtains in the morning to greet you with a warm “Good Morning”. So you never have to feel alone, again. Unfortunately the product is only available for shipping to Japan/US and supports only one language, Japanese. Gatebox is evaluating potential for shipment to other countries and support of English language for Azuma Hikari. We hope they quickly understand the potential of this product around the world extend their shiiping to worldwide with English language support.

Product Specifications:

Size of Unit
W220mm × D360mm × H520mm
Power Source
AC100 to 240V
1280 x 720 pixels
Stereo Speakers
Sensor Types
Camera, Microphone, Touch Buttons, Motion Sensor, Warmth and Moisture Sensor, Luminance Sensor
Wireless LAN, Bluetooth(R), Infra-red
External Ports
3.5mm Headphone Jack, HDMI, Ethernet
Movement Environment
AC100 to 240V
Temperature during Operation:10℃ to 35℃
Relative humidity: 10 to 70% noncondensing
Supported Smartphone OS
iOS, Android
Supported language
Mode of Payment
Japan – Credit Card/Bank Transfer
US – Credit Card only
United States of America

(Some may differ on product shipment)

At this time there are 300 units getting ready to be shipped later this year in December (2017) at a price of USD $2657 without taxes.

Pre-order period was between December, 2016 to January, 2017 for the first 300 units to be delivered in December, 2017. For more queries, visit

Image Courtesy:

Video Courtesy:

Video production

Producer : Toshitaka Shinoda (Amana Ijigen)
Director : Wakamura P
Music : Serph

The Youtube video is published under the Standard Youtube Licence. All Rights Reserved to Gatebox and Vinclu.

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