Casamigos – George Clooney’s Tequila Company sold to Diageo in a $1 Billion Deal

George Clooney has been nominated more than 30 times for Academy and other prestigious awards. But the $1 Billion deal for his Tequila company with Diageo is a whole new high for him and his partner in this company, Rande Gerber. Rande Gerber, a former American model and now a well established industry businessman with... Continue Reading →


Install latest Windows updates, ASAP!

One of the most talked about and disruptive malware attacks have been witnessed recently on a global scale in the form of a "Ransomware" attack. Now, what is a "Ransomware"? A "Ransomware" is a malicious piece of software that attacks computers but locking functionality and asking for a payment in order to unlock usage. This... Continue Reading →

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