FDA approved Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine (IL-Ra) now to be used for repairing and stopping advanced brain damage due to stroke

In India alone there are more than 1.6 million people suffering from Ischemic Stroke or Cerebral Stroke every year. This is a staggering number of cases which now has promise of not only having a new treatment due to lessen the damage done by the blocked blood flow to the brain but also coming with... Continue Reading →


Using Brainwave interface for Sperm control

What is freedom? Is it the desire not to be reigned or a desire for unsuppressed expression of one's control for his/her's immediate surroundings? Well, I think in this day and age, it is the latter where we are more expressive of individuality and lack the taste for suppression from society in any form. Stereotyping,... Continue Reading →

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